What is Toddler Talk?

Toddler Talk is a support service for all parents who are determined to ensure optimal speech, language and communication development in the early years of their child’s development.

Toddler Talk supports parents through the:


"Things To Do" - How to help Activity Box

"Ways To Keep Track and Monitor" - My Toddler Talk Passport

“Further Support" - Phone Consultation, etc

“How to Help” Activity Tool Box

The Activity Box will help you to select practical and simple activities to use at home to support your child’s Speech, Language, Communication and Social-Emotional milestones development. The Activity Box, activities are presented to match each developmental stage of early childhood development.

My Toddler Talk Passport


The myToddler-Talk passport will help you to track and monitor your child’s developmental milestones in 6-7 separate important domains. The passport also helps you to identify activities  from The “Activity Box”, to support your child’s development in any domain that requires further support.

"Further Support"


If you have any further questions, queries or concerns, Toddler Talk can offer further support to you in a number of ways.

Click on link to read more about the number of options we can offer.

Meet Camilla

Hi, I am Camilla, I am the founder of Toddler Talk.  I have been working as a parent, education and behavioural consultant for over twenty years.  I have grown increasingly concerned by the effects of technology on children’s speech, language and social-emotional development. Advances in technology, have created wonderful opportunities for all of us to stay connected to wider communities. However, the increasing trend of social media intrusion into all our lives is leading to a disruption in the early childhood developmental journey. It is important that we consider how to counterbalance the effects of this intrusion, particularly with regard to the speech, language and social-emotional development of young children.  I have also grown increasingly frustrated by the long waiting time's parents are facing to access assessment, intervention and support for children with specific developmental language delay.

I decided to develop a parent friendly toolkit for all parents to help them identify and assess their child’s early speech, language and social-emotional developmental milestones. The toolkit also supports parents to help their children develop specific milestones that require support, monitor their progress, and keep an up to date record of milestones met.

The Toddler Talk toolkit consists of a pre-screen assessment called the myToddler Talk Passport, a complimentary Toolbox of “how to help at home” activities and a unique and individualised Toddler Talk Passport to maintain clear and simple records of progress that supports development of future targets.

2 children in every class of 30 have a developmental language disorder 


Very easy to understand the questions & also got you thinking about child’s development & their strengths & weaknesses

I think that the map will be a great comfort and support to parents who need support for their children and can’t access it because of waiting lists

88% of parents said all parents could benefit from using the map at certain stages of their child's development


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