The ABC Strategy Bank is a bank of video strategies and e-books that directly match the skills assessed in each domain of the Stepping Stones Map.


Copying and Imitation.

Listening and Attention

Receptive Language.

Joint Attention.

Expressive Language.

Play Skills

Social Skills

Visual Tracking




The videos are simple and easy to follow. Video strategies are available for each domain at each level of the map. The videos teach parents how to develop skills that are assessed in the Map. For example, if a child scores 85% or less in Copying and Imitation at Level 1, parents will be immediately directed to the Level 1 “Copying and Imitation” video. They will be shown how to support their child to build skills in this domain.


Parents can return to the Stepping Stones Map after a number of weeks (working on the video strategy). They can re-do the assessment and be directed to more video strategies for related domains on the map as required.

Tips for Teaching Talking

Copying and Imitation

A. Set the scene

B. Prompt them to do the action

you want them to copy

C. Give lots of reinforcement when

they do it

Choose a

sensory social


B. Prompt your child

Even if you have

prompted them, give lots of praise and do something that they

enjoy about the routine.

Important points



Once they do the action

independently, be careful not to prompt

them again.

This lets them know that there is a reward for doing what you do when

you say "Do this"

Do an action for example, clap your hands, or touch your nose: Say to your child "do this"

The ABC's of Teaching Talking

Listening and Attention

Listening and attention is important!!!

Choose a toy or activity your

child loves to play with




A. Hold the toy close to

your eye level

B. Say “Look at this”. Wait to get eye contact. Count to 5.

C. Hand over the toy saying

“Your turn”

Repeat this process and add in the words "My turn" when you take the object back.

Do this sequence regularly when you are playing with your child. This will help attention skills.


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