Face To Face Support

Toddler Talk always advises that specific developmental concerns should be referred to your G.P and your Primary Health Care Nurse. We understand that wait times for initial assessment and further therapy support can be long. Toddler Talk can help you to identify specific strategies and activities that you can do with your child whilst you are waiting. If you would like some general advice and support on how to optimize your child’s early developmental milestones, we can support you with that too. We will also help you to use the my Toddler Talk passport so that you have precise and focused information to share with HSE personnel and consultants.

Phone Consultation

Any parent can book an initial phone consultation with Toddler Talk. The purpose of the phone consultation is to:


Identify how Toddler Talk can help you with your concern.

Consider if further support is required

Develop a simple and practical activity plan to support you to at home to ensure optimal early childhood development.


First consultation is free.

Video Conference

Toddler Talk offers a video conference support option. We will send you a link to download the facility to use a video conference session. In that session we will consult with you to identify and clarify your specific developmental concern. We will develop a plan for you to use at home to support your child’s optimal Speech, Language, Communication and Social-Emotional early developmental milestones. We will help you to use the myTodddler-Talk passport and identify if you require any further support.

Prices on request.

Home Visits

Toddler Talk can visit your home to consult with you and observe your child in their natural environment. Following the first home visit we will recommend specific activities and strategies that you can do at home to support your child’s optimal Speech, Language, Communication and Social-Emotional early developmental milestones.  We will work with you:

  • to identify if further support is required and we will also

  • develop an individual strategy plan that suits your family and your child

  • help you to complete the myToddler Talk passport


The myToddler-Talk passport will help you to track and monitor your child’s progress. The myToddler-Talk passport will also be a valuable tool for you to use when consulting with other professionals and outside agencies.


Subsequent to each support session, Toddler Talk will provide you with a record of advice and recommendations.

Prices on request.

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