myToddler-Talk Passport

The myToddler-Talk passport helps parents to keep track of their babies and toddler’s milestone development  in the following domains:


Copying and Imitation.

Listening and Attention

Receptive Language (Understanding)

Joint Attention.

Expressive Language (Talking)

Play Skills

Social Skills

Visual Tracking


These are the domains from the Developmental Milestone Map

and they are crucial for optimal Speech, Language and

Social-Emotional development.


The myToddler Talk passport  can be used at 6 hierarchical

stages of development.

Stage 1:      0-3 months

Stage 2:      3-6 months

Stage 3:    6-12 months

Stage 4:  12-18 months

Stage 5:    8-24 months

Stage 6:  24-36 months

Ongoing support in these domains is crucial for optimal Speech, Language and Social-Emotional development Following a period of 6-8 weeks using the “How To Help” Activity Box, parents can re-visit the Passport to update progress and develop new and simple targets for domains that may require further support. It is envisaged that parents can use the passport when they are communicating with HSE support agencies and other developmental practitioners.


Currently, we are working on building an electronic version of the passport. In the meantime please contact, if you wish to avail of a free copy for your baby or toddler.

Developmental Stage 4 . 12-18 Months

Communication & Social-Emotional Domains          Milestones                                          Response

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