Home Visits

If you require individual support from Toddler Talk, we do offer the following services:


Phone Consultation

Video Conference

Home Visit


Toddler Talk is not a diagnostic service and if you have a very specific area of concern, we always recommend that you make a referral to your local HSE primary care team.  This can be done by yourself or through your GP. Using the Toddler-Talk passport, can help when relaying specific information to other agencies, for example HSE, your GP and other services.

Home Visits
Home Visits

Toddler Talk can offer you help and support to develop an individualised strategy plan for your child whilst you are waiting for further support, or if you simply want some advice and guidance with regard to Speech, Language and Social-Emotional support. We can consult with you by phone or by video conference. Alternatively, we can visit your home and observe your child. Following that consultation we will recommend specific activities and strategies that you can do at home with your child whilst you are waiting for further support. We will also help you to complete the myToddler Talk passport, which you can use when consulting with other agencies.


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